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Hi there! I’m Paige Brittany-Lewis, a passionate and talented wedding photographer based in Sacramento, CA. I absolutely love capturing those special moments for couples on their big day and I always bring my unique perspective and creative touch to every project I take on.

Originally from London, I made a life changing decision in 2014 to move to Phoenix. It was there that my photography journey began and I landed my first professional role. This experience was incredibly valuable as it allowed me to refine my skills, develop an artistic eye and fully immerse myself in the wonderful world of wedding photography.

Since 2016, Sacramento has become my home sweet home. This vibrant city has given me so many opportunities to showcase my talent and connect with amazing couples who trust me with capturing their most cherished memories. Whether it’s an intimate ceremony or a grand celebration, I approach each wedding with complete dedication to ensure that every shot reflects the love, joy and beauty of the occasion.

Aside from my professional accomplishments, I am also proud to be a devoted spouse and loving parent to five incredible children. They inspire me every day to strive for excellence in both my personal life and career endeavors.
With my careful eye for detail, ability to capture genuine emotions and deep love for photography, I am committed to providing a photography experience that surpasses my clients expectations. My ultimate goal is to immortalize the unique love story of every couple through timeless images.

If you are in search of a talented and experienced wedding photographer who will go the extra mile to preserve your special day, it would be an absolute honor for me to accompany you on this journey. Together, let’s create unforgettable memories that will take your breath away.

Paige Brittany.


My wedding packages start at $15,000. Contact me for more information and specials.


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